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Made in Italy Day


The Italian Consulate General, in collaboration with prestigious organizations like IFDA, ASID, and New England Magazine, hosted the “Made in Italy Day!” on April 23, 2024, as part of Boston Design Week. The event showcased renowned Italian brands such as VETTii, Minotti, Dolce & Gabbana, and Cumar, highlighting their distinctive style and innovation. Visitors were captivated by the exquisite display of Italian design, ranging from home furnishings to fashion creations, which embodied the timeless elegance and contemporary innovation of “Made in Italy.” 

The event went beyond a mere product exhibition, serving as a celebration of Italian creativity and craftsmanship that has transcended generations and cultural boundaries. The participation of IFDA, ASID, and New England Magazine brought unique perspectives, enriching the experience for attendees. It was recognized as a testament to Italy’s creative power and enduring influence in design and culture, solidifying the bond between Italy and Boston’s creative scene and fostering future collaborations.


Manifesto for Change
with Giovanni Caccamo


Italian singer-songwriter Giovanni Caccamo visited Boston from April 15 to 17, 2024, to present his project “Manifesto for Change” to students from prestigious American universities such as Berklee College of Music, Harvard University, and Wellesley College. The project aims to engage young people in building a more sustainable and just future through music and dialogue. Caccamo, winner of Sanremo Giovani 2015 and UNESCO Youth Ambassador, shared his musical experience and activism journey with the students, emphasizing the importance of creativity as a tool for positive change. He encouraged the students to actively participate by sharing their ideas and proposals for the manifesto. The meetings were a success, with enthusiastic participation from the students who proposed innovative ideas. The events helped strengthen ties between Italy and the United States in the field of culture and creativity, highlighting the power of music to inspire social and environmental change. Additionally, Caccamo gave a concert at the Berklee Performance Center during his visit. The “Manifesto for Change” project is open to young people worldwide. More information can be found on the initiative’s website.


Italian Research Day (IRD)

April 11, 2024

On the occasion of this day, the Consulate organized a talk given by Professor Federico Capasso, professor of applied physics at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University. The talk covered the topic “Reinventing the Lens – From Basic Research to Smartphones.” Ten years ago, Prof. Capasso’s research took an unexpected turn that led him to rethink basic lens design. 

What if we could make them flat? During our talk, the Professor explained the revolutionary implications of this solution for science and technology and, in particular, for the high-volume consumer markets that his start-up, Metalenz, is pursuing.


Palazzina LAF screening with director Michele Riondino


Michele Riondino, a popular Italian actor, visited Boston University to participate in the Italian Film Festival USA. He presented his latest film, “Palazzina Laf,” a comedy-drama set in 1980s Taranto. Following the screening, Riondino engaged in a Q&A session with Professor Jim Carter, discussing his role in the film, his collaboration with director Giovanni Veronesi, and the state of Italian cinema. The film received positive responses from both the audience and critics, with praise for Veronesi’s direction and Francesca Archibugi’s screenplay. 

Riondino’s presence at the university was seen as a special opportunity for Italian film enthusiasts in Boston, promoting intercultural dialogue between Italy and the US. The Italian Film Festival USA also showcased a lineup of films, events, and meetings with Italian filmmakers and actors, successfully introducing American audiences to the diverse landscape of contemporary Italian cinema. The festival was held from April 3 to 28, 2024, in multiple cities across the US.


Meeting with the IIT


The presentation of the 2024 strategic plan and program of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) at the Consulate General of Italy in Boston was an important event for the Italian academic and scientific community in the United States. Prof. Giorgio Metta, president of IIT, led the presentation and emphasized the challenges and opportunities the institute will face in the coming year. The audience, primarily composed of young Italian PhD students and post-docs, showed great interest and engagement in the topic. The main goals and priorities of IIT for the current year were highlighted, such as promoting interdisciplinary research, developing cutting-edge technologies, and fostering international collaboration. 

Prof. Metta stressed the importance of creating a stimulating and inclusive academic environment for young Italian researchers, encouraging scientific excellence and global research advancement. The event provided an opportunity for lively discussion, allowing participants to ask questions and exchange ideas with Prof. Metta. Overall, it was a valuable occasion for the Italian academic community in Boston to connect, share knowledge, and inspire one another in tackling complex scientific challenges.


Networking Aperitivo


The goal of the event was to connect students with established professionals in various fields, to enable them to expand their professional network, receive career advice and suggestions, and learn more about different job opportunities. 

The event was attended by about 160 students and 16 mentors. Participants had the opportunity to interact with each other in an informal environment. The event was a great success and received positive feedback from all participants.


Italian Design Day (IDD)


On the occasion of this day, the Consulate organized a talk given by Professor Paolo Ciuccarelli, professor of design at Northeastern University.

The theme of the talk was “Design Beyond Design”- design is everywhere and permeates every aspect of our lives, shaping the way we interact with the world around us. The professor’s talk explored the broad impact of design in its interplay between research and practice, reflecting on the Italian design tradition in the context of a global scenario of technology-driven innovation.


Award ceremony for the “Italiano:
Lezioni di Sostenibilità” contest


2023 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Italo Calvino, an ante litteram environmentalist figure and the protagonist of the contest we launched as part of the XXIII Italian Language Week in the World. The contest was aimed at students in Italian language classes from elementary, middle, high schools and universities in New England.

The committee that judged the entries reviewed more than 200 entries of various genres, from poems to videos, in which participants appropriated and reworked some of Italo Calvino’s major works such as Marcovaldo Ovvero Le Stagioni in Città, Il Barone Rampante, La Nuvola di Smog and Le Città Invisibili.